OneDrive for Business - fails after password change (for Windows user only)

OneDrive for Business - fails after password change (for Windows user only)

I have discovered that OneDrive for Business will NOT work when you are logged in and change the password.  If you change your password and OneDrive shows it requires a login there is absolutely no way to change the password or even enter it.  You could click on the change password message but nothing will happen. So after each password change do NOT do anything with One Drive and simply reboot. Once rebooted OneDrive will prompt for password change and then you can change it.

The other way if the reboot process does not work for you: 

OneDrive for Business indeed shares the same credential with other Office products. When you change Office 365 Work and School account’s credential, you also need to renew the password from the client. Instead of uninstalling and reinstalling the OneDrive for Business client, you may clear the client credential from Credential Manager and then renew the password:

1. Click Start, click Control Panel, and then click Credential ManagerNote If View by is set to Category, click User Accounts first, and then click Credential Manager.
2. Click Windows Credential >Generic Credentials >Delete the all the Office 365 login account.

3. Look in the ‘Generic Credentials’ for anything related to MicrosoftOffice15. ODBF resides in the ‘15’ group, anything in the ‘16’ group will tend to be MS Office App related.

4. Expend the MicrosoftOffice15 items one by one and look for one that holds the users O365 username (possibly like *** Email address is removed for privacy ***)

5. Click edit on this item

6. Set the password to the same as the new O365 password.

7. Stop the sync engine by right click on the blue cloud in the system tray and select ‘Exit’.

8. Wait a few moments for ODFB to start again (if it doesn’t, restart the device).

9. Right-click the blue cloud icon again and select sync now. The sync should now work.

There is no danger in this process as if the credential had been changed before the edit you will simply be resetting it back to what it was. If the process fails you can remove the MicrosoftOffice15 item from Generic Credentials. This will cause ODFB to ask for credentials on the restart and it will recreate the entry.

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